Month: April 2016

New Pop-Up Event This Summer

When: Monday August 15th

Where: Austin Texas (deciding to between two great movie theatre / bar locations right now – thank you Amanda Bauman!)

For those of you new to the Collaboration Stack Community and this blog, CSC Event is an afternoon and evening of open discussions around life and challenges in the Collaboration community that were originally organised by LDC and The Turtle Partnership.   It has two themes ..

  1. Technical Sessions:  Consisting of 3 x 10 min presentations followed by a 30 min open floor discussion. 
  2. Work and Life Sessions:  Open floor moderated discussion. All voices welcome!

In 2014 we held events at the Soho Hotel in London which were very successful.  Now we want to see if the same idea can work by bringing it to an existing audience (those in town for MWLUG).  If this works we would like to see CSC Events using the same format (but not necessarily involving us directly) happening around the world.

CSC is about meeting face to face with others working in similar areas, to talk to them and exchange ideas. We may have discussions on completely esoteric subjects like home automation, technology futures, around the latest mobile products, how to approach security in general, or even what’s in your travel kit.

The unique thing about CSC Event is that creating an environment for people to talk to each other is its sole purpose.   CSC is about the world we live in not the technology we use.

There is no charge for attending CSC Event. It’s funded as a Community effort by the companies involved however for that reason we need to keep numbers at a manageable level.  We also ask you only sign up to come if you do intend to turn up.

The event just before MWLUG (and thank you to Richard Moy and the MWLUG team in generously allowing us to do this pre-event) is a really a test of whether a “Pop Up Technical Networking Event” (I feel a snappy acronym is called for) is something of value.

If you are coming to MWLUG which starts on Wednesday 17th August then this event fits just before that – from 2pm on Monday 15th August.

Here is the agenda from a previous event that gives you some idea of our topics.  If you would like to get involved, attending, providing content or even moderating please get in touch.

You can register here – we will confirm the event in a few weeks if we have enough interest.